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There is NO towing situation Mr. C's Towing
can't handle! Call (800) 273-3699 24 Hrs.

Mr. C's Towing has been in business since 1986 offering complete
towing solutions for the public, police, and private property owners and associations. Always striving to provide the highest level of performance serving the needs of our customers, Mr. C's does this by having the most modern equipment having towing and handling capabilities to cover any situation. All of Mr. C's equipment is properly maintained and manned by qualified trained personnel.

Mr. C's Towing serves both Los Angeles and Orange Counties with two separate main offices. Each location has complete operations centers, customer service areas including public telephones, and secure vehicle storage facilities including fenced yards, enclosed areas and legally secure storage areas. Both of our main offices are manned 24/7/365 for service calls and vehicle release.

Mr. C's Towing is the official police tow for many of the jurisdictions within our service area. We also provide vehicle removal services for condominium associations and other private properties within our service area, so if your vehicle has been towed, check with the local police department for the area where the vehicle was for further direction. CLICK HERE for more information.

Mr. C's Towing is glad to provide the public with any of the services an individual or group may need on a private contract basis. CLICK HERE for more information.

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