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Official Police Tow

Mr. C's Towing is the Official Police Tow.

This means that Mr. C's Towing is contracted by the Police Departments of many cities within our service area to perform towing services at their request. This includes emergency services, impounds, and violation enforcement vehicle tows.

Mr. C's tows and stores vehicles at the order of the police dept. until the appropriate and official release procedures are completed. This varies by police dept. so vehicle releases must be completed according to their requirements. MC can only release a vehicle after proper authorization, which may vary.

If your vehicle is missing, first check with the appropriate Police Dept. to see if it is stolen or towed, then follow their procedures before contacting Mr. C's Towing. Then contacting Mr. C's Towing will verify the location of your vehicle for release.

For more information,

see the Mr. C's Towing vehicle release procedures
“Vehicle Release” (Click Here) page

and maps to the Mr. C's Towing storage yard locations
“Locations” (Click Here) page.

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