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If Mr. C's has towed your vehicle
and you want to pick it up,
you need to follow the

Mr. C's Vehicle Return Procedure

First, CALL our 24 hr. Dispatch to verify your vehicle's
availability, any special releases that might be needed from a
police dept. and the Mr. C's yard location.

Then, you must bring the following to the yard location:

  1. Your Valid Driver's License
  2. Your Vehicle Registration (if not in vehicle)
  3. Your Keys to the vehicle
  4. Cash, Debit/Credit Card–NO CHECKS ACCEPTED,
  5. If You are NOT the Registered Owner, You
    FORM from the vehicle's owner ...
    Please download and use this form (Click Here)

Please understand we cannot release a vehicle unless the
above conditions are completely met!

We can tow vehicles to your destination for an extra charge.

CALL Mr. C's 24-Hour Dispatch!

Los Alamitos Phone (800) 273-3699

South Gate Phone (323) 249-0575

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